Course Registration 2019-2020

Course Registration for 2019-2020

Registration Timeline

Date RangeRegistration Event
February 13, 8:00 a.m.Registration window opens for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The Course Request portal in PowerSchool will open.
February 13 - February 20Sophomores, juniors, and seniors make course selections on BOTH the Course Worksheet and on the Class Registration screen in PowerSchool
February 20, 3:30 pm.The PowerSchool Class Registration portal closes for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  
February 21 - March 7Counselors call sophomores, juniors, and seniors in for registration conference.  Students bring Course Worksheets in with parental signatures.  Course requests are finalized.
February 22Incoming freshmen registration window opens.  Students are notified of admission and students accepting admission may print and fill out the 9th Grade Course Worksheet.
February 22 - March 7Incoming freshmen may pay their deposit through FACTS and email their completed and signed course worksheet to in advance of registration night.  If payment and worksheet are received, you may skip Registration Information Night.
March 7Incoming freshmen will submit a signed course worksheet and pay the deposit on Registration Information Night if they have not yet completed both tasks.  Incoming freshmen registration window closes at 8 p.m.
March 20Incoming freshmen will be able to view course requests on the Class Registration screen in PowerSchool.  

After May 24

No schedule change requests will be accepted for sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
August 6ONLY incoming freshmen will be given a one day opportunity to change their course selections in the afternoon directly following Orientation Day activities.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Course Registration Process

  1. Print and fill out the Course Worksheet for your next year grade level:
  2. Students are to checkmark one course from each of the required categories. Courses that have a checkmark next to them will be automatically selected. For the course catalog and academic program guide, click here
  3. If you are taking summer school credit, you may select an equivalent amount of elective courses. 
  4. Select enough electives to fill your schedule, knowing you will have room for 7 courses per semester.
  5. Review selections with parents and obtain a parent signature.
  6. Students will transfer these selections to their Class Registration screen in PowerSchool between Feb. 13 and Feb. 20, and submit course requests.  Then, bring the signed course worksheet with you when you meet with your counselor.

How do I enter course requests in PowerSchool?

  1. Only current students will enter course requests in PowerSchool. 
  2. Sign in to PowerSchool and use your MySeton username and password to sign in.  If you are a current student and do not remember your MySeton credentials, click here.  
  3. On the left navigation bar, click on the "Class Registration" link.  
  4. Click the "edit" button that looks like a pencil icon on the right to select a course in a category.  Then, transfer your selections from the course worksheet to each corresponding category by selecting the checkbox next to the course title.
  5. You must make a selection for any category with a red exclamation. A green check mark to the right of a category means the category is not required.  
  6. You will not be able to submit unless enough electives have been selected for a full schedule.
  7. Click submit when you are finished.
  8. Verify that you have correctly transferred course selections from your sheet to the Class Registration screen.

Summer School Registration

Summer school course offerings and times are listed on the Course Worksheet under their respective course groups.  Request them on the same course worksheet.  The summer session runs from June 3 - June 28, 2019.   Half credit (.5) courses are $325, and 1 credit courses are $650. FACTS accounts will be charged May 24, and the last day to receive a refund is May 31.  Accounts must be paid in full by May 31st to secure enrollment.  For a complete list of summer course offerings, course descriptions, and times, click here.

Freshman Course Request Process

Once you have completed registration steps 1-6, follow the directions below to submit your course worksheet.  

  • Print and fill out the 9th Grade Course Worksheet. Leave the Student ID# blank for office use.
  • Checkmark one course from each of the required categories.  Courses that already have a checkmark indicated next to them will be automatically selected.
  • If you are requesting a summer school course, select an equivalent amount of alternate elective courses.
  • Review selections with parents. A parent's signature is required on the Course Worksheet.
  • Email your course worksheet to or return to a counselor on Registration Information Night.
  • After March 7, email with any questions or changes to your 9th Grade Course Worksheet. 

How do I change my course selection after the registration window closes?  

After the meeting with your counselor to confirm your course selection, there will be a brief window of time to change your requests.  Any changes would require a second meeting with your counselor to acquire a course change request form.  This form must then be signed by the parent and returned to the counseling office for the change to be made.  

Schedule Visibility

Schedules will be visible in PowerSchool at the end of July.  

Schedule Changes

Once registered for courses, the opportunity for students to initiate a schedule change occurs during the last two weeks of the preceding academic year.  After the academic year has begun, all requests to change or drop a scheduled course for either semester are made through the student’s counselor for one of the following reasons: Teacher recommendation based on the student ability/misplacement in a course or the student request based on a desire for a heavier academic load.  Students are not permitted to drop year-long courses at the semester. 

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