Information technology has become central not only to our educational core, but also to the world around us. SCP will provide our students with the technological tools, 21st century knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for a changing global society. The school uses technology as a means to enhance academic excellence, college preparation, collaboration, security, and communication. Technology will be incorporated insofar as it facilitates the achievement of our SCP mission. Technology is not to be the driving force for change at SCP, rather the driving force will be the curriculum. In other words, implementing a technology change without an associated curricular change is counter-productive. The plan needs to respond to the defined needs of faculty and staff.

SCP will take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe and secure environment in which students can work to achieve educational excellence. As part of a community, we must adhere to all local, state and federal laws. The Seton Catholic Student Handbook details the permitted and prohibited uses of technology on campus and enforcement of technology use rules, and contains standards of student conduct relating to Internet activities in general.


This list must be completed in order.  Helpful resources and videos are in the Student Access to Technology and Parent Access to Technology pages on the right.  

  1. Receive an email with username and password from Seton IT soon after registration day.
  2. Students complete the following tasks in order.
    • Sign in to MySeton.
    • Sign in to Gmail.
    • Sign in to Canvas.
    • Sign in to PowerSchool.  Find your Access ID and Access Password on the information screen.  Give this information to your parents.
  3. Parents then complete the following tasks in order.
    • Sign in to Canvas with the email you gave on the application for admission.  Click the "Forgot password" link.  Set a new password.  
    • Create an account in PowerSchool.  You need the Access ID and Access Password from your student.
    • Access the Digital Lunch Program (WordWare) through PowerSchool.  Add funds to your student's lunch account. 

Please complete this process from home at any time after you receive the email.  It is our hope that all students and parents will complete the initial sign in process before the first day of classes.  

Help Session

You are invited to join the Seton IT staff for help with the sign in process on the night of the New Family BBQ.  Wednesday, May 1st, 5 - 8 p.m. in the Library.

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