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Senior Tribute - Parent Information

Every senior at Seton receives a complimentary, half-page senior tribute in The Sentinel, our yearbook.  Seton has selected Jostens to assist with our Senior Tributes program.  Follow these instructions by November 1 to ensure your senior is commemorated.

Before You Begin

  • Know that this is a free service provided for you by Seton, but some of the language on the Jostens Ad Service website - ad instead of tribute, order or buy instead of create, prices, etc. - may sound as though you have to pay for the service.  You will not be charged.  The default order option for Seton parents will be a ½ page ad size, $0.00.
  • Only one tribute may be created per senior.
  • Gather 1 - 5 digital photographs of your senior.  You may scan hard copies of photos as JPEG files at 300 dpi.  Walgreens, CVS, Office Depot, Staples, etc. offer this service if you do not have a scanner. 
  • Compose a message on a word document.  We typically recommend about 75-150 words. The amount varies depending on the template you choose.
  • 100% participation is expected.

Create a Senior Tribute

  • Click on this link to be directed to Seton's Jostens Ad Service website:
  • Create a Jostens account.
  • Choose a layout.
  • Upload photos and text.
  • Once the tribute is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent.
  • This slideshow provides a demonstration of the step by step process and includesexample layouts.

Important Information about Senior Tributes

  • For the ad to appear in the yearbook, your ad must be created on the Jostens Ad Service Website by November 1.
  • Our school reserves the right to edit tributes per our guidelines.
  • We retain the right to remove any explicit text, graphic photos or copyright­ protected imagery or photos.
  • Color photographs uploaded for black­ and­ white ads will appear in black and white.
  • We will make every effort to use your layout and text as indicated. A proof will not be provided, and you cannot make changes after the order has been submitted.
  • Use your student's full legal name in the tribute heading. You may add nicknames in quotation marks.
  • The senior portrait taken at Lamar Studios will appear on a separate page.
  • Ensure that all photographs follow appropriate dress and behavior guidelines delineated in the handbook. No excessive skin, facial hair, or inappropriate symbols or references.


What makes an effective tribute?
The most effective tributes reflect a balance between words and pictures. Message text can consist of personal messages, inspiring quotations and/or passages from poetry.

Will a Lamar senior portrait be included in the tribute?
No. Unlike recent years, the senior portraits will now be printed in a separate senior portrait section. You may select any picture(s) to place in the photo box(es). Note that if you wish to include a Lamar portrait or any other professional photographer’s photograph, you must purchase a digital image and the photographer must grant you permission to use it for this purpose before you can create the tribute.

Can I send my materials to Seton?
No, please do not send your materials to Seton. Our school has selected Jostens to assist with our senior tribute program. Please call the Jostens customer service number 800.358.0800 if you have questions or need assistance in creating your tribute.

More questions? Call Jostens at 800.358.0800.

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