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Buy Textbooks

The MBS Direct textbook list will include any new titles for the school year. Only books listed on MBS Direct are allowed in the classroom (no teacher editions, etc.)

1.  Go to MBS Direct. To begin the ordering process, simply select “Let’s Get Started.”

buy textbooks


On the Getting Started page, you have two ways to shop: “Shop by Schedule” or “Shop by Course.” You may then select to put in a returning Seton student’s ID number under the “Shop by Schedule” option; this will provide a complete list of your student’s classes and required textbooks.

Incoming freshmen and new Seton students will need to “Shop by Course” if the ID number does not work OR if you do not know your ID number; you will need the student schedules for both semesters to find the appropriate courses for the year. Select the appropriate courses and scroll to the bottom to choose “View Your Materials.”

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3. View Your Materials

From here you will see all the required materials needed for each course along with the book details and pricing options.Please read any notes for each title. You can also see the final price of a GUARANTEED BUYBACK book.

buy textbooks

You can then choose to

  • Buy your book(s) from MBS Direct by selecting the desired item(s);
  • Compare prices from other online vendors by selecting the “View Sellers” by the Marketplace Sellers option;
  • Use either the ISBN-13 or the ISBN-10 numbers and edition information to shop for your textbooks from other online vendors or websites; or
  • Purchase textbooks from other Seton students/families via the Online Book Exchange.

When done selecting books, click on the green “Add Selected to Cart” button. Need the booklist for another student? Select “Add or Change Courses” in the bottom left of the screen.  Then click on the blue “Proceed to Checkout” arrow.

 4. Check Out

Once all course materials have been selected for all student(s) and courses, click on the blue “Check out now” button. If you already have purchased materials from MBS Direct, log in with your email address that you previously used.  Enter all necessary shipping and payment information. 

buy textbooks

PLEASE NOTE that buying books from MBS Direct (NOT including the Marketplace) guarantees you have the correct book, provides a buyback price for the end of the school year, and offers a refund policy for 30-days after school starts (if the book has not been written in), important when schedules change. Only books listed on MBS Direct are allowed in the classroom (no teacher editions, spark notes, etc.) MBS Direct is the only Seton-approved vendor; buying from other vendors or families is done at your own risk.

5.  Home/Your Account Page

This page shows all purchases including the titles your student selected to rent.

From this same page, you can view: BUYBACK quotes, RETURNS, and DIGIATL CONTENT SHELF.

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Digital Content Shelf

buy textbooks

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