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  • Mar 16

    Sentinel Story: Finding victory on and off the court

    Posted on Mar 16 by Jill · Filed in Athletics, Admissions

    Elizabeth Jean Holter is a member of the girls’ varsity basketball team, which recently captured Seton Catholic Prep’s ninth state title. In her “Sentinel Story,” she explains how Seton contributed to her winning ways.

    By Liz Holter, ’17
    Before Seton, I attended public schools in Gilbert.  I chose Seton because my older sister attended Seton and because I knew it was going to challenge me. I saw how much my sister grew and I wanted to experience that same growth, not only in athletics and academics, but also as a person.

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  • Feb 23

    Sentinel Shield sneak peek: Mini’s story

    Posted on Feb 23 by Jill · Filed in Alumni, Religious Life, Admissions

    The Sentinel Shield will be mailed to the Seton Catholic Prep community next week. The spring 2017 issue features a personal story by Mini Bernasconi-Olivas, a Seton graduate who joined the Admissions staff this year. Here’s a sneak peek: 

    By Erminia Bernasconi-Olivas

    We all have a special and unique story that is our own.  I am a firm believer that in our hearts we plan our course, but the Lord determines our steps (Proverb 16:9).  My journey has led me to where I am today because the Lord has determined so and this is my story. 

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  • Dec 22

    Sentinel Stories: Danielle Manella

    Posted on Dec 22 by Jill · Filed in Admissions

    For “Sentinel Stories,” Seton Catholic Prep students and young alumni share why they chose Seton. Danielle Manella’s “Sentinel Story” also doubles as a Christmas message because it speaks of love of Christ, tolerance and faith. 

    Danielle Manella, Junior
    I chose Seton for high school, after much thought and prayer, because I felt God was calling me to be in an environment where I can learn more about my faith and practice it on a daily basis.  Although the transition from a charter school to a Catholic school was difficult, I have grown tremendously at Seton both academically and spiritually.

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  • Dec 08

    Cross-Country runner shares his Sentinel Story

    Posted on Dec 08 by Jill · Filed in Admissions

    This week’s Seton 360 marks the debut of “Sentinel Stories,” occasional blogs by students and young alumni who discuss why they chose Seton Catholic Prep:

    Christopher Eckert, Junior
    At Seton, I’ve had the opportunity to push myself to succeed. Here I can seek individual help from teachers and benefit from the small class size. I have a strong support base from my teachers. They work tirelessly to help me and other students be successful. I have found that each and every teacher I have had has supported me in everything I do. They help to push me to be the best student that I can be.

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  • Oct 20

    Planning for college, applying for scholarships

    Posted on Oct 20 by Jill · Filed in Alumni, Admissions

    At Seton, planning for college begins freshman year and continues through graduation, with an expert college counselor working with you one on one every step of the way. Representatives from colleges and universities across the country visit our campus each fall, connecting our students to the many options available in higher education.

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