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  • Sep 07

    More international students discovering Seton

    Posted on Sep 07 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs

    This week’s guest blogger is Mike Short of UTP High Schools who discusses a rewarding partnership between UTP and Seton that is bringing more international students to our campus.

    August 4th may have seemed like a relatively uneventful day for majority of Seton students, save a few who were trying out for fall sports. However, on the other side of campus, this day was one of the biggest of the year for seven students, who would be getting their first impressions of not just Seton but also of an American high school in general. Ranging from freshmen to juniors and having flown in from such diverse countries like Mexico, China, Switzerland, and Vietnam, this was UTP High School’s first intake of students on campus. These were the International Sentinels.

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  • Aug 31

    Seton rolls out new tech plan

    Posted on Aug 31 by Joyce · Filed in Academics & Programs

    By Melissa Tole, Education Technology Coordinator 

    Seton Catholic Prep’s Technology Committee, comprised mostly of volunteer members from the Parent Advisory Board, recently updated the Seton Technology Plan. Providing a vision for the 2017- 2020 school years, the plan is a constantly evolving document that defines the mission, vision, current state, and future goals of technology.  It further outlines important considerations necessary to the success of the plan, such as budgeting, infrastructure, and professional development goals. 

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  • Aug 03

    Retired principal on mission to preserve past

    Posted on Aug 03 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs

    By Patricia Collins, Seton Catholic Prep retired principal

    What does a principal who retires from the school she loves do with her free time? Well in my case, you work on building Seton Catholic Prep’s official archive. I am fortunate to have been a school librarian, and since retiring July 1, now have the time to devote to preserving Sentinel stories.  

    Over the past 64 years, Seton has accumulated many memories in the form of pictures and memorabilia. It has always been the school’s desire to organize these items and make them accessible.  

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  • Jun 01

    Books Ahoy

    Posted on Jun 01 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs

    Just because school’s out for summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit the books. Summer is the perfect time to escape with a good read whether you are poolside or beach bound, on your favorite floatie or Adirondack chair. “Best of” Young Adult book lists abound, from Goodreads and Time Magazine, to YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association). Here, we bring you four favorite books for teens from Seton’s in-house YA expert and English Department Chair, Bridget O’Neill. Book synopses complements of Mrs. O’Neill. Happy summer reading!

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  • May 25

    Academic Decathlon coach helps students develop mental muscles

    Posted on May 25 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs

    Seton Catholic Prep’s Academic Decathlon team just wrapped up another successful year. Seton decathletes captured the 3A state title in March and last month placed fourth in the U.S. Academic Decathlon® national online competition for mid-sized schools. The team is coached by Todd Decker, who has been an Academic Decathlon coach for 27 years— longer than any coach in the state. Here, he offers a primer on the cerebral sport of Academic Decathlon. 

    By Todd Decker, Seton Academic Decathlon Coach

    While I was not at the first Academic Decathlon in 1968—I’m not THAT old—I have been around for quite a while. I took over the program at South Mountain High School in 1990 and have been coaching ever since.

    Every year, the United States Academic Decathlon board of directors develops a new theme that is intended to integrate most of the subject areas:  Art, Economics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Science. 

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  • May 18

    Class valedictorian: 2017 grads leave large shadows

    Posted on May 18 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs, Events

    For those of you who couldn’t attend Seton Catholic Prep’s graduation ceremony Tuesday evening, we are sharing Valedictorian Ben Leach’s words of wisdom. During his commencement speech, he spoke about his sister, Jordan, a Seton graduate who passed away in 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer. Here is his speech:

    To begin, I want to say that it is an honor to be here before you tonight. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience, not just for me, but for all of us.

    As I look back on my own high school career, there is one event that comes to mind that I think encompasses not only my four-year experience at Seton, but the experience of most of us as well.

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  • May 11

    Student discovers big meaning in small book

    Posted on May 11 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs

    If you could write a letter to your favorite author, who would it be? Mark Twain? Stephen King? How about JK Rowling? Anna Schoenhardt ’18 wrote to the authors of An Invisible Thread: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive, and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny.

    Anna’s letter was the third-place state winner in this year’s Letters About Literature, a writing contest sponsored by the Library of Congress. Here is part of her letter:

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  • Feb 02

    Seton students sadly aware of cancer’s toll

    Posted on Feb 02 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs, Events, Religious Life

    February is Cancer Prevention Month. Sadly, cancer is an all-too-familiar topic for the Seton Catholic Prep family. Many of us have lost parents, spouses, siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers and classmates to the disease. Fighting cancer, either as a patient or the loved one of a patient, is an experience no one should have to endure. 

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  • Jan 12

    Want to get fit in 2017? Keep it simple!

    Posted on Jan 12 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs, Athletics

    Have you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit or lose weight? Our first guest blogger of 2017, Jacque Silvas, can help you keep that resolution. Jacque is Seton Catholic Prep’s body-sculpting instructor and a longtime health and fitness professional.

    What’s the number one resolution year after year? According to iQuanti, a data-driven digital marketing company, there were 62,776,640 “get healthy” Google searches, a 13.77 percent increase over last year.

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  • Jan 05

    Second-half comebacks possible in academics

    Posted on Jan 05 by Jill · Filed in Academics & Programs, Athletics

    Seton Catholic Prep Coach Karen Self and her nationally ranked girls’ basketball team are in the midst of another successful season. In addition to being a great coach, Self is also a respected teacher who has been recognized for her work in the classroom, including being named 2015 Teacher of the Year by the Arizona Council on Economic Education. A couple of years ago, AZSports and Lifestyle magazine printed her 10 tips to get students motivated for academic and athletic success. Even if your student’s first semester was less than stellar, this coaching legend can attest that anything is  possible in the second half.

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