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  • Jan 18

    Decathletes Hope To Repeat Last Year’s Success

    Posted on Jan 18 by Joyce · Filed in Academics & Programs

    Seton Catholic Prep's Academic Decathlon team is on the march again! The team, which captured the 3A state title last year and placed fourth in a national online competition for mid-sized schools, finished strong in a scrimmage leading up to the regional tournament in February. 

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  • Jan 12

    A Dozen Tips to Test for Success

    Posted on Jan 12 by Jill · Filed in Admissions

    By Guillermo Vidaurri, Director of Admissions

    This year’s High School Placement Test (HSPT) takes place at Seton Catholic and other Catholic, college preparatory high schools in the Valley on Saturday, January 20. The HSPT, by Scholastic Testing Services, is designed to evaluate eighth graders’ basic academic skills in a variety of areas. The five-part multiple choice test comprises approximately 300 questions, measuring students’ abilities in reading comprehension, mathematics and language. The test also evaluates a student’s “academic aptitude,” or ability to understand high school level studies.

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  • Dec 20

    ‘Light and life to all He brings…’

    Posted on Dec 20 by Jill · Filed in Religious Life

    By Fr. Chris Axline  

    I am a huge fan of Christmas! The lights, the sounds, the environment, and the JOY that people have, is tangible and pervasive. But mostly I really enjoy this time of year because of what it means, Christ is here! God is with us and will never leave!

    God reminded me of this last week during Sunday Mass. While I was distributing Communion, a father came up holding his toddler-aged son. As the father stood before me, the little boy reached out his hand and held it there, reaching out towards me. He was hoping to receive Jesus, too, just like his father! As they turned to go, with a smile on his face, the father whispered quietly to his son, “One day very soon you too can receive Jesus.”

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