23rd Annual Sentinel Classic 3 on 3
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23rd Annual Sentinel Classic 3 on 3

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    Saturday, September 8 at Seton Catholic Preparatory & other local sites.
    $80 per team of four players

    Games: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 8

    Click HERE to register.

    * Registration deadline: Wednesday, September 5 at 5:00 p.m.

    Age divisions (both male & female)
    3/4 Coed: 3rd/4th Grade Coed
    Grade School: 5th/6th Grade
    Junior High: 7th/8th Grade
    JV: 9th/10th Grades
    Varsity: 9th –12th Grade
    Adult Open: Post High School
    Masters: 40 years and over (All players must be 40+)

    Team captains will be expected to pick up a tournament t-shirts/team bag before their first game Saturday.  Brackets will be posted online Friday afternoon by 4:00 p.m.

    Anticipated tournament format will be pool play, followed by a championship bracket (single elimination).  This is subject to change based upon the number of teams entered.

    All players must sign a liability release in order to participate.  Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signature.

    The tournament is limited to 140 teams across all 12 divisions. Our most popular divisions fill up quickly, so please register early!

    Please contact Karen Self for further information at KSelf@SetonCatholic.org.

    Player Information

    Brackets...coming soon

    5-6 Boys
    7-8 Boys
    JV Boys | Girls
    Varsity Boys | Girls
    Mens Masters | Open
    Womens Open



    • Please check in at your 1st game site 15 minutes early to pick up t-shirts and player handouts
    • Each team must be prepared to provide a game ball
    • We have 3 locations, so please be aware not all games are at Seton.  See “Facility Locations” for directions.
    • The winning team is required to bring the score sheet to the scorer’s table immediately following the game. 
    • Good luck and enjoy!!


    1. Teams will consist of a maximum of 4 players with 3 players playing on the court at one time.
    2. Games will be played to eleven (11) points or twenty (20) minutes, whichever comes first.  You need onlywin the game by one point.
    3. Baskets are worth one (1) point each.  Any basket made from behind the three point line will be worth two(2) points.
    4. Possession of the ball to start the game will be determined by a coin flip by the court monitor.  If case there is a tie game at the end of 20 minutes, the team who started the game with the ball will begin the overtime on defense.  
    5. Shooting fouls will be awarded a free throw on missed shots. If made, basket counts; plus the foul is counts towards team total. Seven team fouls will result in a bonus free throw opportunity for the team that was fouled.  If the free throw is missed, possession will change to the non-shooting team.  After thirteen fouls, a missed free throw attempt will result in possession being retained by the shooting team.
    6. All jump ball situations will be awarded to the defense.
    7. The ball must be cleared behind the three point line each possession, regardless of whether the shot touches the basket.  The ball can be cleared at any point outside the three point line, including the baseline, however, both feet must clear the three point line.
    8. Game time is forfeit time; NO EXCEPTIONS!
    9. In instances where referees are not available, players will call their own fouls and violations, with all disputes being settled by the court monitor.
    10. Any arguing with a court monitor will result in immediate ejection from the tournament.
    11. ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING!  You will be ejected immediately for this type of behavior.
    12. Each team will be allowed one (1) time out per game, which will last one minute.  Please note, the game clock will continue to run during the time out except in the last two minutes of play.
    13. If a tie should occur, the game will continue with possession of the ball being awarded to the team who started the game on defense.  The team that makes the next basket will be the winner.  If after 5 minutes of overtime, no team has scored, the winner will be determined by a coin flip.  The only exception to this is the semi-finals and the finals.
    14. If you wish to warm up, you may do so outside.  Remember to give yourself enough time to get back inside for your game:  Game time is forfeit time.
    15. Each dead ball situation must begin with a check ball and an entry pass by the offense.  No “dribble in”.
    16. In jump ball situations, the ball will be awarded to the defense.  If there is a tie up immediately following a defensive rebound the ball will be awarded to the team that rebounded the ball.

    Tie Breakers

    1. If two teams are tied with the same record after pool play, then the winner of the head to head competition will receive the higher seed.
    2. If there is a three way tie, then the tie breaker will be decided by the following rules.  Continue down the checklist until a winner is decided:
    • Total points scored
    • Total points allowed
    • Point differential in games that were lost
    • Coin flip


    Seton Catholic High School 
    1150 N. Dobson Rd., Chandler, 85224 [ map ]
    Just north of Ray Rd. on the west side of Dobson.

    Chandler/Gilbert Community College
    2626 E Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225 [ map ]
    Located on the northwest corner of Gilbert and Pecos Roads

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