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Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Please nominate individuals who fulfill the requirements in one of the categories listed below for consideration for induction in the Seton Catholic Preparatory Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame was established in 2004 to honor alumni who have accomplished extraordinary feats and brought distinction, honor and excellence to Seton Catholic Preparatory.

If you would prefer, you can still fill out the Printable Form (linked) and return it by mail to Seton Catholic Preparatory High School, Advancement Office/Hall of Fame Committee, 1150 North Dobson Road, Chandler, AZ 85224.

Criteria for Nomination

Distinguished Alumnus Hall of Fame
The nominees would include graduates who have distinguished themselves in life after their time at Seton Catholic Preparatory. These accomplishments go above and beyond and should set them above their peers which could include:

  • Lifetime achievements
  • Significant accomplishments within the community
  • Significant accomplishment or contribution within in their field.

Distinguished Athletic Hall of Fame
The nominees would include graduates who have who have stood out among their peers and created a lasting legacy in athletics. This also includes coaches who distinguish themselves through coaching merits, and./or volunteers or staff who have made a lasting impact on the athletics program at Seton. These accomplishments should often still be significant 10 years after their graduation. Some examples of accomplishments these exemplary individuals may hold are:

  • Multiple championships
  • School and/or state records
  • Significant statistical achievements
  • All-State and/or All-Region recognition or other era-specific awards
  • Founding an athletic programs
  • Level of recruitment by college athletics

Distinguished Service Hall of Fame
The nominees would include graduates of Seton Catholic Preparatory, faculty, staff, volunteers, and/or parents who have made an impact on Seton Catholic Preparatory through outstanding achievement or contributions to Seton Catholic Preparatory as a school or community. Individuals in this category must have served Seton for a minimum of 5 years. Some examples of these exemplary individuals are:

  • Staff members who have significantly impacted the growth of Seton
  • Volunteer/Parent who have sacrificed their own time and demonstrated a significant dedication to Seton Catholic Preparatory
  • Volunteer/Parent who facilitated the inception and/or continuation of programs or events
  • Alumni who have returned to Seton and had a significant impact on Seton beyond a career achievement (teacher, etc.).

Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination


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