New Student Registration | Seton Catholic Preparatory

New Student Registration

Registration Steps for 2019-2020

  1. As soon as you receive your acceptance letter, log in to your Parent Portal Account and complete the ‘Intent to Enroll.’ If you accept our offer of admissions, continue to Step 2.
  2. Complete the Enrollment Contract.  Please note: For families with multiple students at Seton, ALL student contracts must be completed in order to move on to Step 3.
  3. Set up your FACTS account. You will be issued a permanent FACTS ID.  Current family FACTS accounts are already set up.
  4. Upload your student’s birth certificate, current immunization records, and Home Language Survey to SchoolAdmin. You may drop off copies in our main office.
  5. Complete the Immunization Record form.
  6. Complete the Maricopa County Private School Affidavit of Intent (PSA). The PSA form needs to be notarized. The original form needs to be mailed in or dropped off at our main office.  
  7. Optional: Register for potential second-year placement assessment in world language and/or math.  Those students who have completed Algebra I, Geometry, or level 1 world language may register for a credit test to be placed in advanced levels.  Until placement tests are completed, all students are required to register for the courses available on the course worksheet.  Adjustments will be made after placement test results.
  8. Complete the “Freshman Course Request Process.”  Instructions are found below.

Optional Registration Information Night

Registration Information Night is for families who need help with or have questions about registration. Registration Information Night will be held on Thursday, March 7, 2019, from 6:00 - 8:00pm. in the Seton Catholic Prep Fine Arts Building. Please enter through the north stairwell. Attendance is not required if you have completed all the steps by March 7.

That night you will be able to:

  • Speak with a counselor to help you fill out the 9th Grade Course Worksheet.
  • Choose your world language and electives, if applicable.
  • Discuss financial assistance with the Finance Department.
  • Optional:  Register for potential second-year placement assessment in world language and/or math if your student wishes to enroll in advanced math or world language classes.

Please bring copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of your student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of your student’s immunization records
  • Maricopa County Private School Affidavit of Intent (PSA Form) - Notaries will be available if needed.
  • Home Language Survey
  • 9th Grade Course Worksheet

Freshman Course Request Process

Once you have completed registration steps 1-6, follow the directions below to submit your course worksheet.  

  • Print and fill out the 9th Grade Course Worksheet. Leave the Student ID# blank for office use.
  • Checkmark one course from each of the required categories.  Courses that already have a checkmark indicated next to them will be automatically selected.
  • If you are requesting a summer school course, select an equivalent amount of alternate elective courses.
  • Review selections with parents. A parent's signature is required on the Course Worksheet.
  • Email your course worksheet to or return to a counselor on Registration Information Night.
  • After March 7, email with any questions or changes to your 9th Grade Course Worksheet. 

Summer School Registration

  • To request a summer course, indicate the desired course on the 9th Grade Course Worksheet that is submitted to or the counselor at Registration Information Night.
  • Summer school runs from June 3 - June 28, 2019. Please note that June 28 is a mandatory day of attendance for all students. If you are not able to attend the full class period on June 28, do not request summer school enrollment.
  • Summer school courses include freshman computing (.5 credit), health (.5 credit), and biology (1 credit). Half credit (.5) courses are $325, and 1 credit courses are $650. FACTS accounts will be charged May 24, and the last day to receive a refund is May 31.  Accounts must be paid in full by May 31st to secure enrollment.
  • For a complete list of summer course offerings, course descriptions, and times, click here
  • Those with required summer school do not need to register seperately for those courses. Once you complete the regsitration process you will automatically be added to the class and your FACTS account will be charged on May 24. ($250 per class)

After the Registration Deadline

Within ten days of the registration deadline, you will receive an email from Seton IT with a username, email, and password to begin the New Family Technology Sign In Checklist.  

New Family BBQ Night

After you have completed the entire registration process, you have officially become a Sentinel. Please join us for the New Family BBQ night on Wednesday, May 1st from 5:00 - 8:00pm. Parents will be able to visit tables hosted by Educational Outfitters, Seton Parents Association, Athletic and Fine Arts Booster Clubs and much more. Students will be sorted into a house, be able to sign up for clubs and sports, take their picture ID, find their locker and much more. More info to come after you complete the registration process.

Athletics Fine Arts