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Seton Catholic Preparatory welcomes the opportunity to review the unique profile offered by homeschooled applicants.

In addition to the Application for Admission, Extra-curricular Recommendation, testing results, student essay and parent statement, please submit the following information to assist the Admissions Committee in their review:

In place of the School Report Form, the adult(s) responsible for the homeschooling of the applicant should submit the following documentation:

Philosophy: What philosophy and/or state law guides your approach to homeschooling? How long has the applicant been homeschooled? Are there other siblings or students involved?

Curriculum: What texts and resources have been used last year and this year in the applicant’s homeschooling experience? Please provide syllabi, if available. In order to facilitate our review of coursework completed, please list the last two years of covered subjects in a one-page format similar to a traditional transcript.

Transcripts: Please submit grades for the last year of academic work plus current grades to date. Grades may be in alphabetic or numeric. Also include grades for any classes being taken at any other academic institutions.

English and Math Recommendations: It is appropriate for the parent to complete the recommendation form if he/she is the teacher.

Please submit additional letters of recommendation from adults, other than the homeschool teacher, who have knowledge of the applicant’s academic and/or extra-curricular abilities.

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