Mission and Philosophy | Seton Catholic Preparatory

Mission and Philosophy

The Mission of Seton Catholic Preparatory:

To provide a college preparatory curriculum within a Catholic faith community focusing on academic excellence, leadership and loving service to others.

We do this by focusing on development of the individual student. It is a well-rounded approach that blends a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with enriching faith formation and ample opportunity to explore extracurricular activities. 

Seton Catholic Preparatory is a community of faith whose mission is to call its students to full participation in that community and to challenge them to achieve superior standards of educational excellence.

Seton Catholic Prep, while offering a college preparatory curriculum, is a Catholic school whose ultimate task is to prepare students with the resources necessary for lifelong learning within the framework of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church. The faculty and staff of Seton Catholic Prep facilitate students’ religious formation, academic progress, and social, cultural, physical and moral development, while supporting parents as primary educators. The school also invites students to examine the possibility of God’s call to religious life, priestly life or lay ministry. Seton Catholic Preparatory teaches the value of self-discipline, and cultivates respect for self and others.

Realizing the importance of the formation of the whole person, Seton Catholic Preparatory encourages self-confidence and the holistic development of its students so they will be fully prepared to spread the Gospel and be contributing members of their parish, the broader Church and society.

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