At Seton Catholic Preparatory, student activities play a key role in the daily lives of our students. We offer a wide variety of clubs for our students to join.

Through club membership, our students are given the opportunity to explore areas of interest, acquire event planning skills, promote ideals, serve others, and develop leadership skills and friendships with students of varying grade levels who share the same interests. Each student is required to join at least one club, but most students belong to more than one. We are always open to creating new clubs and welcome student input. It’s important for parents to encourage and support their student’s involvement.

2016-'17 Clubs

Animation Club Mr. Foor (107, Wed. after school)

Anime/Manga Club Mrs. Griffith (A5, Wed.@ lunch)

Academic Decathlon Mr. Decker

Art Club Mrs. Lezcano (101, Tues. after school)

Chess Club Mr. Mead (A8, Mon. @ lunch) 

Chinese Mandarin Club Ms. Chiu (C2, first Thurs. of the month @ lunch) 

Drama Club Mrs. O’Neill (seasonal with productions)

Faith and Freedom Club Mr. Darby, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Bitler (A2 Tues. @ lunch)

Fiesta Club Mrs. Hoff (C2, Wed. @ lunch)

French & French Honors Club Ms. Noudali (C2, Thurs. @ lunch)

Harry Potter Club Mrs. Foor (A5, Thurs. @ lunch)

Journalism Club  Mrs. Tole (Wed. before school)

Latin Club Mrs. Henson (C2, Tues. A week @ lunch)

Literature and Art Magazine Mrs. Pearson (D1, Wed. @ lunch)

Math Club Mrs. Sanders (A2, Wed. and Thurs. @ lunch)

Mentors Club Ms. Hollerbach & Mrs. Hillebrand (B6 @ lunch Tues. monthly meetings)

Music Ministry Mr.Smith

National Honor Society Mrs. Sanders  (B6, Mon. @ lunch)

Nintendo Club Mr. Foor  (107, Thurs after school)

Pep Band Mr.Smith (Band room, Wed. before school)

Pinterest Club Ms. Bell (A6, Tues. @ lunch)

Political Roundtable Ms. Nash (B5, Wed. @ lunch)

Prom Committee Mrs. Pattock (A3, Mon. @ lunch) 

Publications Club Mrs. Tole (108, Wed. and Thurs. after school) 

Robotics Mr. McBryan & Mr. Foor (B3, Wed. @ lunch)

SCOPE Mr. Smith (Band room, Tues. & Thurs. before school)

Sentinel Ambassadors Mrs. Hill (The Gym, Third Tues. of the month @ lunch)

Seton Buddies Ms. Bell (A6, Thurs. @ lunch)

Sister School Connection Club Mrs. Olivieri (B1, Thurs. @ lunch)

Solidarity Club Mrs. Kubasak (D1, Thurs. @ lunch)

Spanish Honor Society Mrs.Salazar (C2, Tues. B week @ lunch)

Star Wars Club Fr. Chris Axline (D2, Mon. @ lunch)

Student Council Mrs. Pattock (A3, Wed. @ lunch)

Students for Life Fr. Chris Axline (D2, Thurs. B week @ lunch)

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program Mrs. Hill (A1, Fri. before school)

Ukelele Club Mr. Smith (D3, Tues. @ lunch)

Athletics Fine Arts