Buy Textbooks

The MBS Direct textbook list will include any new titles for the school year. Only books listed on MBS Direct are allowed in the classroom (no teacher editions, etc.)

1.  Go to MBS Direct.

2.  Click on “Order My Books”, select “Pay with credit card or PayPal: Continue."

3. You may then select to put in a returning Seton student’s ID number under the “FastPass Ordering” option—this will provide a complete list of your student’s classes and required books. Or under “Shop by Course”, you can manually select all of your student’s class names which will then provide a list of required books. Students new to Seton will need to "Shop by Course" if the ID number does not work or was not given.

 4.  With this list of required textbooks, click on “More Details” for each title to see the complete book information, such as edition or year. Also, please read any notes included for each title.

5.  You can then choose to

  • buy your book(s) from MBS by selecting the desired item and following instructions to pay online;
  • compare prices from other online vendors by selecting the “Marketplace: Browse Offers” option in MBS Direct;
  • use the ISBN and edition information to shop for your textbooks from other online vendors or websites; or
  • purchase/borrow textbooks from other Seton students/families. 

6.Need the booklist for another student? Go to the next screen where you review your cart. Click on the bottom right link “Continue shopping for another course,” and enter your second student’s ID OR shop by course name. Any additional books you select will be added to your final shopping cart.

7.Complete the MBS Direct order with payment and shipping information.

8. Please note that buying books from MBS Direct (NOT including the Marketplace) guarantees you have the correct book, provides a buyback price for the end of the school year, and offers a refund policy for 30-days-after-school-starts, important when schedules change (if the book has not been written in). Only books listed on MBS Direct are allowed in the classroom (no teacher editions, spark notes, etc.).  MBS Direct is the only Seton-approved vendor; buying from other vendors or families is done at your own risk

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