Christian Service

The goal of the Christian service program at Seton Catholic Preparatory is for students to recognize and demonstrate that by serving others, we answer our call to be Catholic Christians. Gospel-rooted service is essential to every student’s experience at SCP. For each grade level the Christian service requirements are different and detailed in the Service Contract and Service Requirements forms. Students receive these forms at the beginning of each school-year. Both parents and students sign the Christian Service Contract thus indicating their agreement to the parameters of the project and the deadlines.

Service as a Graduation Requirement

Students at all grade levels are held accountable for performing Gospel-rooted Christian service by a pass/fail grade that determines their eligibility status. Missing a deadline will result in ineligibility until the requirement is fulfilled. All Christian service requirements must be fulfilled in order for a student to participate in any graduation events and receive their diploma.

Freshman Service

The purpose of the freshman Christian Service project is to foster community among the freshman class by serving alongside one another in small groups called PASS groups (Prayer and Service at Seton). All freshmen meet with their PASS groups regularly and participate in a full-day service project, reflection and prayer.

Sophomore Service

The purpose of the sophomore service project is to develop a sense of belonging and ownership of Seton Catholic Preparatory. A minimum of 20 hours of service must be completed. Of those 20 hours, 10 hours must be completed within the Seton community.

Junior Service

The junior service project is meant to foster a deeper connection between the students and their primary faith community. Students are expected to contact their parish and choose a ministry that allows for consistent, personal interaction. The Campus Minister will meet with any students not belonging to a Catholic parish or a faith community to discuss an approved alternative. Students are to complete a minimum of 40 hours.

Senior Service

The senior service project is designed to create a deeper sense of solidarity with the community at large. This requires students to work with a Campus Ministry preapproved local service/charitable organization in a capacity that allows for consistent, personal interaction. Students are to complete a minimum of 40 hours and must submit a written personal reflection paper at the end of the school year.

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