But Jesus would withdraw to deserted places to pray.
—Luke 5:16

Following the model of Jesus we take time out of the busyness of the school year to withdraw and pray through our retreat programs. We offer multiple retreats throughout the year including a faculty/staff retreat, grade-level day retreats, and Kairos retreats. Most retreats are held off-campus.

Grade-level retreats are required for each of the four years at Seton Catholic Preparatory which are peer-led and offer opportunities for students to grow closer to God.

Grade-Specific Day Retreats

Our grade-specific day retreats each focus on one St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s charisms of love, faith, determination and courage. Through this focus our students have an opportunity to experience a retreat on each charism during their time at Seton. The retreats are developed by the Campus Ministry team which includes peer ministers.

Freshman - LOVE
September 12 @ St. Andrew's Catholic Church

November 9 @ Resurrection Catholic Church

Sophomore - FAITH
February 22 @ Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Senior - COURAGE
March 8 @ TBD

Kairos Retreat

The Kairos Retreat is the pinnacle retreat experience for our students. Evangelistic in nature, the Kairos Retreat aims at awakening Christ within each student’s life. Held over four days, the Kairos Retreat is based on the Cursillo model, incorporating thematic talks, small group discussions, private reflections, prayers, meditations, Reconciliation, Adoration, and Mass. Kairos is student-led by a team of seniors who have previously attended Kairos and gone through formation. Faculty, as well as Seton alumni, also help to lead these retreats.

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