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  • Apr 25

    A Valentine to our volunteers

    Posted on Apr 25 by Jill · Filed in Events

    Seton Catholic Prep recently held a Mass and breakfast to honor our parent volunteers, who in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. possess “a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.”

    Formally honoring volunteers is a challenge because they tend to avoid the limelight. They prefer to perform their good works behind the scenes, but there is no denying their importance to Seton. Everywhere you look, there they are: tidying up the cafeteria, building sets for plays, helping out at the Spirit Store/SCRIP Office, organizing fundraisers and special events, taking tickets at athletic events…the list of tasks they perform goes on and on.

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  • Apr 06

    Recent grads fill in gaps in college conversations

    Posted on Apr 06 by Jill · Filed in Alumni

    Kelsey Files has been a panelist for the Young Alumni-Senior Forum since 2015. He is a student at the W. P. Carey School of Business studying Economics and Urban Policy and also works at EdPlus at Arizona State University.

    By Kelsey Files, Class of 2013

    In our efforts to prepare our students for college, sometimes Seton Catholic Prep needs to find ways to support students outside of the classroom. With demand for a college education at an all-time high, students are finding themselves thinking about going to college sooner and sooner. Some students have the advantage of having older siblings and get to watch them make this academic transition; others do not.

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  • Mar 29

    Passion projects aim for the stars

    Posted on Mar 29 by Jill · Filed in Religious Life

    Can you motivate students without grades? One member of Seton Catholic Prep’s Theology and Religious Department says absolutely…if you help them discover their passion.

    By Amanda Bell, Seton Theology Teacher

    Cultivating my students’ passion for the faith is the primary driving force for why I am a Theology Teacher. We spend the spring semester of sophomore year learning about Ecclesiology. We discuss where the Church came from and her function in the world through the four marks: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Often for students the Church is this entity wholly separate from who they are, and especially for the sophomore age when one is really just trying to figure “me” out.

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