Course Catalog and Requirements

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Academic Program

Academic excellence is a trademark of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School.  Because we are committed to providing the necessary preparation for higher  educational success that our students seek, our graduation requirements are more demanding than those of most schools.  It is Seton Catholic Preparatory’s  intention that each student has the opportunity to be prepared for college.

Graduation Requirements

The SCPHS curriculum should be viewed as a four-year experience during which the student must accumulate a minimum of 27.5 credits to graduate. Based on Arizona Regents requirements, North Central Association requirements, and the mission and philosophy of the school, Seton Catholic Prep High School has established the requirements listed below. Electives are chosen if needed to maintain 6 credits per year.

Business/Technology Elective .5 credit
English 4 credits
Fine Arts 1.5 credits
Freshman Computing .5 credit *
Health .5 credit *
Interdisciplinary Prep, Geo and Sp. 1 credit *
Lab Science 3 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Physical Education .5 credit
Social Studies 3.5 credits **
Theology 4 credits
World Language 2 credits ***
General Electives 2.5 credits

* Freshman Computing, health and Interdisciplinary Prep and Geography classes are usually completed in the freshman year.
** .5 credit in economics is a social studies graduation requirement.
*** World language requirement is fulfilled by earning two credits in the same world language at Seton in consecutive years.

Course Load Requirements

All students are automatically scheduled for a class or activity (study hall and/or as a teaching assistant) during each of the seven periods in the school day.  Students who are lacking any credits in any given school year due to failure may not return to Seton Catholic Preparatory High School the following fall semester  unless deficient credits are completed during the summer.  Students who do not repeat these courses during summer school will not be readmitted.  It is the student’s obligation to request that a transcript be sent from the summer school to Seton Catholic Preparatory before school opens in August.

Summer School and Off-Campus Courses

Summer courses may be taken at any accredited high school or through an approved correspondence program. Students must first secure the necessary forms from the Counseling Office before enrolling for any summer school courses. Credit for enrichment courses during the summer may be accepted at the discretion of the Assistant Principal. Students should discuss such plans with the Assistant Principal to be assured that this credit is accepted at Seton Catholic Prep. In general, the policy is to permit supplemental courses for the following reasons: 1) the student cannot fit this course into his/her schedule 2) the course is not offered at Seton Catholic Prep.

Course Selection Changes and Drops

Choosing an appropriate program of studies is an important part of each student’s high school responsibilities. Parents are encouraged to participate in the yearly process of selecting courses that meet the needs of their son/daughter. Alternate courses should be selected in case the administration finds it necessary to cancel courses and replace them with others. After a student has been registered and has received his/her schedule, he/she may not change the schedule without approval of the Assistant Principal. Because great care is taken to correctly place and register students, schedule changes or course drops are permitted only as an exception when one of the following criteria is met: 1) teacher recommendation based on student ability 2) desire to take a heavier academic load (if space is available) 3) misplacement in a course. Requesting a teacher switch and poor grades are not sufficient reasons for dropping a course. All schedule changes must be signed by the parents of the student.

All requests to change or drop a course must be submitted on a Schedule Add/Drop form according to the above norms. Student-initiated schedule changes are processed only:

  • 1st Semester: Day 1 of the first semester
  • 2nd Semester: 2 weeks prior to Christmas break

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